F$%& this Heat: Stuff to do w/ Air Conditioning

Hey, first world countries! It’s hotter than Nick Lachey right now. So do yourself a favor, just go back inside, sit in a cool, dark corner, maybe a nice coffee shop with free WiFi if your power is out (sorry, mid-Atlantic). And check out all of this cool stuff I love on the internet!

1. Watch a webseries! Lately I’ve been really into shows like Squaresville, Bandwagon, and the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. And in the spirit of both the 3rd annual VidCon and this nightmarish heat wave, there’s really no better time than the present to delve into the magical world of original webseries. Fans of My So-Called Life and Freaks & Geeks will loooooooove Squaresville, Community and Parks and Rec fans will dig Bandwagon, while the Jane Austen crowd will more-than dig the LBD. They all have great writing and high production values, and I promise you, you’ll be able to waste a lot of time browsing .gifs in their tracked tags when you’re done.

2. Go to Bandcamp. Not the Alyson Hannigan, “this one time at…” deal. We don’t want you to get it on with a flute. We just want you to support some artists in your ”local music scene.” There are a ton of great artists out there doin’ their thangs, and they’re even streaming their music LEGALLY, making it all available for free download, just because they love music and stuff. Soul skaters! We at inconnu have been especially into the human fly’s debut, everything feels bad all at once.

3. Flash games. You live and die by them, right? Now, personally, I think you can’t go wrong with Solitaire. I’ll sit at my desk and play it non-stop for hours. No problemo. But for the more adventurous, I seriously recommend gems like Sushi Cat 2, Crimson Room,  Flight, and Avatar High. And if all else fails, you could always just get back into Neopets. You know you want to.

-Taylor Brogan


About Taylor Brogan

Managing Editor - inconnu magazine. Tweets @thbrogan.


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