Katy Perry is tha Shit: “Part of Me” in 3D

Katy Perry is known to us as gospel-singer-turned-pop-star who wears sparkly clothes and is often compared to Lady Gaga (which is kind of like comparing people who were Hilary Duff fans to people who were Britney fans, come on!). With her break-out single “I Kissed A Girl”, her image has always been one of “good girl gone bad”, something Katy acknowledges in her new movie “Part of Me”. The movie captures Katy’s life while on her massive 2011 “California Dreams” tour, while also recounting the story of Katy’s many years trying to make it while living in Los Angeles. (She is one hardworking California gurl.) AND IT’S ALL IN 3D, oh the glitter.

Now believe you and me, I feel kind of strange sitting here writing an article about Katy Perry. But hey, the movie won me over, and I got a pair of sweet collectable keepsake Katy Perry 3D glasses.


The movie also discusses Katy’s marriage and divorce to Russell Brand, which I think was a smart move. She speaks openly about her feelings towards both the marriage and the divorce in general, but is still sensitive and teary-eyed when Russell’s name is brought up. You can’t help but feel for the girl, especially after watching the first half of the movie where she spends every spare moment she has on tour traveling to spend time with Russell. As inconnu’s ~favorite man~ Tim Gunn would say, she was just trying to make it work. We never get a real answer for why Russell decided to file for divorce, but we do see how much it destroys Katy (It’s SAD, I cried, ok?).

Throughout the movie we get to know the people who are involved in Katy’s everyday life: makeup artists, stylists, dancers, family and managers. We also get to see how much time Katy gives to her fans (they dance on stage with her! everyone is happy!!). From what I can tell, the movie is a pretty honest portrayal of Katy’s life. You come away from the movie feeling like a firework, it’s true, and I immediately went home and bought “Teenage Dream”, so I guess the movie worked on me.

So here are some reasons to get off your cultural high horse and go see “Part of Me” right now:

  • You get to have the Katy Perry concert experience without dealing with the lines or screaming “KatyCat” fans.
  • Witness how record companies kept trying to turn Katy into “the next Avril Lavigne” [gasp!].
  • If you want to see Katy find out her marriage has failed and then perform all smiles in front of the largest crowd of the tour the same night (Girl is A BAW$$).
  • You can see how weird Katy Perry’s Dad is (srsly).
  • If you enjoy cheering for the underdog and then watching them make more money than you ever will.
  • The Cobra Snake is in it and I laughed and felt old.

Listen to my favorite Katy Perry song, “E.T.” here:

-Joanna Harkins


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co-founder and editor-at-large of inconnu


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