Kellie’s Fabulous Adventures!

This past weekend, our contributing editor/my BFF Taylor and I went on a fabulous adventure up to NY-Citay, where we orchestrated a photo shoot for the upcoming “Book Issue.” Here is the tale of our journey: *excluding the Bolt Bus from Washington and all the subway rides, because that would not be FABULOUS enough*

This is our model Constance, isn’t she a doll? We had a fitting at her apartment in Chinatown on Saturday and she had this cool poster of Breathless that was autographed by the Mulleavey sisters!!

Seeing this autograph left me breathless!! Haha!

This is our second model who you might recognize for our ‘Sweet Jane’ shoot in the debut issue. Her name is Claudia C. and she is truly an elegant dresser / genius.

I have a crush on this dude from The Next Food Network Star, and so that night after the fitting, I Yelp’d it up and found his restaurant, “Do or Dine” in Bed-Stuy. So Taylor and I decided to go there for dinner, and low and behold, my lovely little chef was waiting there for us the whole time! haha right. But he was there, and we did get a chance to talk to him, and after all the awkwardness passed through my body (25 minutes) he was actually a super nice and chill person. (I walked in the restaurant, nodded at him, and muttered, “big fan” with a completely straight face).


We shared this delightfully warm foie gras doughnut as an appetizer. Goose liver. Warm and delicious goose liver…

Sunday morning; shoot-day! We went over to Claudia Petrullo’s house in Greenpoint where she did Claudia C.’s hair and makeup. She is studying to become a movie makeup person who does like zombie makeup and stuff! So cool! We told her no fake blood (this time)…

Claudia P. had a really cool artsy-hoarders bedroom with a Nicki Minaj Perler-bead wall hanging!

Claudia C. bitch-facing with her hair and makeup all done, in one of our cool vintage 70s dresses.

Taylor skateboarding (not moving).

Photographer Jack said that he likes taking pictures of the girls when they are getting ready or changing outfits because they don’t notice the camera and they are completely natural. Maybe that’s why they always look so amazing.

Connie, Taylor and Jack!

Myself and Connie.

Jack used one of the dresses as a pretty little turban to fend off the heat. Sew cute.

So jealous of this lady’s awesome citrus shorts. Also she was hilarious and let both girls ride (twice) for the price of one. While they were on the ride she kept yelling up at them, “somebody’s trying to take your picture,” even though it was a photo shoot and they were well aware. Hahaha love her.

Keep checking back to see some of Jack’s photos from this shoot that we will be calling ‘Coney 2012’. You will be able to see all the best photos from the shoot in September when the ‘Book Issue’ comes to print!


Ps) I named this post after the movie that inspired me to leave my small town behind and become a STAR: Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.


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