Shut Up and Date Already! Kate Upton and Ryan Lochte

Look at these two. He’s an All-American hero with grillz in his mouth and skillz in the pool. This man is perfect for one woman and one woman alone – Kate “Cat Daddy” Upton.

We can’t be the only ones who have noticed that these two literally have synchronized personalities. Right now we’re still torn between celebrity couple names “Loch’t Up” and “Kryan,” but there’s no doubt in our minds that whatever you call them, this couple will be more GOLDEN than one of Lochte’s medals. Don’t believe us? Here are just a handful of reasons why Kate Upton and Ryan Lochte need to just shut up and date already:

1. Stupidly hot. Like, who even is Ryan Lochte. Where did he get his abs? The ab store? And have you seen Kate Upton Cat Daddy? Unnnnfffff. We hereby declare that if these two ever got together, we could all just go home. Game over. The end. MAGIC.

2. Water Babies. Kate is a native Floridian and hardcore bikini-enthusiast. Ryan is a Gator. These two water babies can frolic together in the Florida waves forever and ever and ever…

3. Sporty? I mean, he’s an Olympian and she’s a Sports Illustrated cover girl. Lately she has been linked to Detroit Tiger Justin Verlander, but we think as soon as she sees this article, she’ll reconsider her choice of pro-athlete.

4. American Gangsters. Grills. Rhinestone kicks. Dance moves that rival Usher. These two are a match made in Gangster’s Paradise.

5. They Say the Darndest Things. To quote Ryan Lochte, “What defines Ryan Lochte? Ryan Lochte.” And Kate has frequently been mistaken for Miss “Like Such As” South Carolina. Just watch a couple of interviews and you’ll understand why we want to stick these two in a room and listen to them talk for like 5 hours.

We even made a cheesy OTP montage video to complete our weird fan-girling.


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