Surfin’ the Instant Queue with Jojo

Netflix is a beautiful thing. It provides us with endless hours of procrastination and entertainment. So in each installment of “Surfin’ the Instant Queue,” I will be sharing with you some of my favorite finds on Netflix Instant: the good, the bad, and the so bad it’s gone past bad and back to good again.

1. Breaking Upwards [Indie-Romance]: This movie effortlessly explores the wide range of emotions involved in a break up. While movies about break ups can easily grow monotonous, the fact that this twenty-something New York couple is attempting to strategize their break up makes it more interesting. They have come to the conclusion that after 4 years they no longer want to be together, but have grown so co-dependent that they literally have “on” days where they’re still together and “off” days where they slowly start living their new separate lives. Both actors are attractive hipsters so that helps. Emotions flare. Indie soundtrack is Indie. You leave with a new perspective and yada yada.

2. Sister Wives [TV Series]: This TLC reality show is almost as good as 16 and Pregnant. Almost.  It follows the life of a polygamous family with husband Kody (with his long flowing hair) and his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and newest addition to the family: Robyn. America has a strange fascination with polygamous families – we just have so many questions about something that happens in our country that we know so little about. Is it weird for the wives when your husband sleeps with different women all the time? Do you ever forget about one of the members of your small child army? Did you always want sister wives? All of these questions and oh, so much more, are answered.

3. Bill Cunningham New York  [Documentary]: Bill Cunningham is a real life New York urban legend. He’s a little old man who rides around on his bike, always in a blue jacket, taking amazing pictures of the best New York street fashion. Little is known about him, while he seems to know all of the most important people. He cares not about labels, but only about interesting outfits. He will take a picture of someone wearing clothes all bought at Goodwill as enthusiastically as he will take a picture of a socialite in Dior. He makes fashion in the New York Times accessible. Even Anna Wintour loves Bill which means you are basically obligated to watch this.

4. Jolene [Drama]: So. Many. Emotions. Based on a story by E.L. Doctrow, here we see 10 tumultuous years out of the life of an incredibly brave young woman. She survives jail, abuse, the mob, and religious extremists. By the time the credits roll you let out one giant sigh of relief, as if you’ve been holding your breath the whole movie just to see if she makes it out okay. Between the ages of 16 and 26, she is romantically involved with five different men and one woman. She goes through every look from punk, to stripper, artist, and housewife. You will get emotionally invested not just in Jolene herself, but in her various partners as well. Much to my disappointment, “Jolene” by Dolly Parton isn’t a part of the soundtrack. Can’t have it all, bro.

-Joanna Harkins


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