Surfin’ the Instant Queue with Jojo

In this week’s installment of Surfin’ the Instant Queue I present you with some options you should watch now before you go back to school and actually have to leave your room/ interact with live people.

Gossip Girl – Season One [TV Series]: I’ll be honest and tell you that I stopped watching Gossip Girl regularly when I went off to college (mostly because I didn’t have a tv). However, from what others have told me, the later seasons have gotten CRAY (BLAIR + DAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME??). But please, just remember HOW GOOD season one was: Chuck is such a slime ball, Jenny takes down Queen B, Nate and Blair are a really bad couple and like barely ever talk to each other if you pay attention, Serena wears argyle sweaters and lil’ Dan Humphrey is still just a noble kid from BK. It’s Josh Schwartz (<3). Then there’s the soundtrack: Justin Timberlake, Gym Class Heroes, Sean Kingston, Phantom Planet, The Ting Tings, The Virgins…sooooo 2007 am I right?

Adventureland [Comedy/Romance/Drama]: First of all, the cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Martin Starr, Ryan Renyolds, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig…it goes on. Often funny, and touching when it needs to be, this is a really good example of a coming-of-age movie. Basically, nerdy/nice guy James (Jesse Eisenberg) is forced to work at a suburban theme park where he meets your token rebel girl Em (Kristen Stewart) and shit goes down. My Netflix says “Based on your interest in: High Fidelity, Ghost World and Garden State” so I think that says enough. And Kristen Stewart shows emotion, so that’s cool.

Life in a Day [Documentary]: While not the most action packed or stirring documentary out there, this is something you should watch when you want to restore your faith in humanity. I actually watched it at a party once and everyone put down their beers and started getting philosophical. The film is an interesting concept: a “day in the life” but with footage from people from over 100 different countries. Inspiring.

Howl [Biopic]: James Franco as Allen Ginsburg. Centered around the obscenity trial Ginsburg’s most famous poem “Howl” underwent. It has poetry, animation, and biography all in one. If you already love the beat generation you will love this, if you don’t, your interest should be piqued. Aesthetically speaking this movie is pretty: pretty people, pretty smoke, pretty scenes of 50’s New York. I felt smart afterwards.

-Joanna Harkins


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