Bands That You Might Not Like


This is by no means an objective list. If you don’t like the bands listed here, I’m not going to call you names or say you have no taste. These aren’t even necessarily my favorite bands. These are just some bands I feel deserve bigger followings. You may disagree, and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s encouraged. You should never like a band just because someone says you should. *cough cough* Pitchfork *cough cough*



            These guys are a fun, three/four-piece band currently residing in Seattle. They write songs about everything from baseball cards to giant centipedes.

            Originally formed in Chicago, the band began as a small basement project of lead singer David Crane. Crane made the decision to quit his day job as a Chicago public school teacher and move to Seattle, where he teamed up with friends Mark McKenzie and Josh Goodman to form what would go on to become what is now known as BOAT. Their first album Songs That You Might Not Like (2006) set a fun, quirky standard for the band, which they never strayed from, even three albums later.

BOAT will be releasing a new LP within the next year.

Eternal Summers

            Eternal Summers is a shoegaze band from Roanoke, Virginia. Of course, they would probably reject the shoegaze label, opting for something like “dream punk” instead, which is fairly accurate as well.

            Recently, the band has been doing regional tours around the Virginia/D.C. area, and they have played a fair number of shows in New York. With the release of their latest album Correct Behavior, they’ve begun to garner some notoriety and will be opening for Nada Surf in December. They are also planning a larger U.S. tour. So keep your eyes open. They may be coming to a city near you!


            Gold-Bears have described themselves as “a crash-pop band from Atlanta, Georgia.” I would say that’s an accurate statement and would venture to throw a little post-twee in there as well.

            These guys are just plain fun. Upbeat, chorus-driven songs about love and shifting the blame fill their most recent album Are You Falling In Love? And with lyrics like “Well I swear it’s not you. It’s me. Yeah right!” it’s hard not to fall in love with these guys.



            An industrial pop band from Philadelphia, OhBree is similar to what you’d get if you combined “Let’s Make Out” by Does It Offend You, Yeah? with The Muppets and upped the drug references.

            The band originally began as a solo project for lead singer Andrew Scott, but pretty soon it morphed into an ensemble, complete with full brass section. So far, the band has only been playing local shows around the Philadelphia area, but if they stick it out, there’s a real future for these guys. They’re an incredibly talented group of musicians, and I hear they put on a stellar live show.

OhBree has an album called We Miss You Edward, Come Home coming out on October 30th.

Turnip King

            Turnip King is a lo-fi shoegaze band from Seacliff, NY.

            This band began as a collection of solo recordings by guitarist/lead singer Lucia and eventually grew into a four-piece band. Don’t expect any studio albums from this band anytime soon. So far, all of their recordings have been lo-fi, live, basement recordings, and the band is currently unsigned. They do, however, have these lo-fi recordings of all their songs available for free on their Bandcamp page. So, definitely check that out, and keep an eye on this band.

– Patrick McDonald, Staff Writer


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Writer, human. I like to ruin TV shows.


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