M. Ward and Justin Bieber: Kindred Spirits

Wardy and The Biebz. I love both of these men in very different ways. M. Ward is an extremely talented guitarist, singer and songwriter with eight solo albums, one album with Monsters of Folk, three with She & Him, and a plethora of writing and producing credits. Bottom Line: he’s perfect in every single way.

Everybody knows about J-Biebz. And I think THAT very fact is why he (well it’s not him but it’s clearly supposed to be) is the star of M. Ward’s new video. (“There is a singer everyone knows/He makes round with the late night shows”).

Here is the video for “Me and My Shadow”, the first video from M. Ward’s latest album A Wasteland Companion (Merge; 2012).

Watch it because it’s the point of this here damn article.

The song on its own is great. The title is an ode to the classic song of the same name, made popular by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. in which Ol’ Blue Eyes sings, “Me and my shadow/We’re closer than smog when it clings to L.A./We’re closer than Bobby is to J.F.K/Not a soul can bust this team in two/We stick together like glue”. However, Ward’s lyrics are of a different sort of person-shadow relationship. He talks about Bieber as if he’s an illusion. (To clarify I don’t think the song is actually about Bieber or actually anyone in particular).

What the hell is this? Is Not-Bieber’s “shadow” his psycho manager? Does his hat say ”Swagger”? Is it not totally obvious that M. Ward had nothing to do with this video, and that some dude named Scott Jacobson (who wrote for John Stuart and Bob’s Burger’s) directed it instead?

I think the video is just supposed to be a funny interpretation of the story in M. Ward’s lyrics, which – knowing Matt as well as I do – is probably much deeper and more poetic than a Justin Bieber analogy could ever be.

So he was just trying something new. I’ll cut him some slack. But this video is a total fail.

Someone in the Youtube comments suggested it may work better with an LMFAO song. ‘Nuff said.

– Kellie Hogan, Creative Director


About Kellie Hogan

co-founder and creative director of inconnu magazine


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