Food Crushes 101

But Crush Week is supposed to be just about people, right? Wrong! My longest-standing crushes to date are on foods. Crushes on adorable plaid-wearing coffee shop boys may come and go with time, and my girl-crush on Molls may make me feel like a failure of a writer, but food will never fail me. It’s the perfect one-sided relationship. So here are some awesome foods and why you should probably eat more of them:

  1. Greek Yogurt: So ~voluptuous~ and creamy, just the right amount of sour. You got some of that umami action going on up in there. My favorite way to enjoy it is with almonds and honey. So many options these days: Okios, Yoplait, Fage, Chobani…there’s even a Chobani store in Soho where you can munch on “handcrafted yogurt creations.” Yes, please.
  2. Nutella: Yeah, this is the internet right? I shouldn’t have to explain this one to you. Liquid chocolate with a lil’ bit of hazelnut. Automatically makes anything delicious, kind of like RPattz or Katy Perry.
  3. Avocados: Toast some whole wheat bread, spread some butter on it, and slice some avocado on top. BEST breakfast ever. I’m pretty sure avocados might have a little crush on me too, because they’re filled with all kinds of vitamins and the good kind of fat. Healthy while still filling. They also have nicknames like “alligator fruit” and “butter fruit”, which is pretty sweet.
  4. Terra Vegetable Chips: My newest food-crush, we just took up at the deli downstairs a few weeks ago. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, just chillin’ next to the Doritos and I felt strangely drawn to them. Usually I go for the more hardcore types like Cheetos or BBQ UTZ but there’s something comforting in the medley of root vegetable crunchiness.
  5. Potatoes: I present you with the greatest food on the planet. Potatoes have provided humans with delicious sustenance for centuries (according to my very scientific research). Remember the potato famine? Yeah, potatoes are a BIG DEAL GUYS. My crush on potatoes can only be compared to my celeb crush on Johnny Depp: my first full-blown crush that will last a lifetime. Nothing can change my feelings, not even that whole Willy Wonka situation. Potatoes are an example of how the simplest things in life are the best. What is more comforting than mashed potatoes doctored up with some butter and milk? Just think about some of the things potatoes have given us: french fries, chips, latkes, pies, soups, tater tots, vodka, POUTINE…..I think this might be a little more than just a crush.

– Joanna Harkins, Editor-in-Chief


About Joanna Harkins

co-founder and editor-at-large of inconnu


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