Mike’s One Or Two Sentence Summations of Amazing Albums…


…that came out this year that maybe you heard or maybe you didn’t, but that doesn’t really mean anything because every one experiences things differently and absorbs information differently or something- click through for links!

Shields by Grizzly Bear– There is such a beautiful, concise tone to the entirety of Shields. The craft of their songwriting has grown so deep, and it feels so much like they really composed together and universally love these songs.

Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors– This very well may be my favourite album of the year. Led Zeppelin and Al Green, or Black Flag and Robert Glasper, or any other combination of real experimenters- this is Swing Lo, a cacophony of insane ideas that flow so musically, and it is surprising how musical it all is, because if taken out of context many of the sounds and moments on this album would just never work by themselves; a true coalescing.

stop being on my side by Infinity Girl– Boston’s new gazers open minds to numbingly raucous noise, and startling quiet- all with shoes untied and glasses slipping off their noses. They achieve real beauty by shifting rapidly between the obvious and the subtle.

Barchords by Bahamas– Like a kid in a candy store, Afie Jurvanen can’t really turn anything down; especially his own ideas. He’s so excited to be in the studio making his own solemn, subtle, beautifully melodic music that every now and again the cheese slips through but fortunately for us and him, the heart-warming vibe and casual movement of these songs keep it an incredibly easy album to listen through.


everything feels bad all at once by the human fly– I wish I had this album two years ago, for personal reasons. It feels like, at the same time that it is being completely honest with me, it is also hiding something. A darker magic keeps the album moving forward and you can’t pull one song out, or skip another, it sits all together outside of time.

The Keeps by The Keeps– If Edgar Allen Poe had the chance to write bluegrass tunes, I’m pretty sure The Keeps would say he stole from them. Their effortless transitions between real old time, and challenging new bluegrass is something to behold.

back 2 the high life by Walsh– The perfect album to play GTA III to. I forgot what year it was for quite some time.

Breakup Song by Deerhoof– A mind-blowing experience; this album fills me with such a deep joy, such a whelming sense of love for life and sound and human experience.

Lonerism by Tame Impala– The strongest vibes all year. You can’t not smile and feel a breeze in your hair, and you definitely can’t ignore how much Kevin Parker sounds like a certain bespectacled Beatle.


Love this Giant by David Byrne & St. Vincent– One of the deepest sonic explorations to be achieved this year. I had to commit to listening to this album; I found myself trying to multitask while listening, and was soon wandering aimlessly around my house lost in the scape of this musical obelisk.

-Mike Kerr, Staff Writer



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