Internet K-Hole: Nostalgia, Punk & the Digital Age



Kellie Hogan, inconnu Creative Director: Your blog, Internet K-Hole, is a virtual plethora of old photographs. It’s a total dream for anyone who loves nostalgia, art or people-watching. Tell me, where do you find the photos you post on your blog?

Bianca Peach, Internet K-Hole: I’d say 25% are found photos at swap meets at the flea market, there’s different booths and there’s one by my house every Saturday, and the rest I find on the Internet.


KH: Do you make up pasts or stories for the people in the photos? Do these people’s stories intrigue you?

BP: I don’t make up pasts for them but they definitely intrigue me. I’m really nostalgic, the happiest times of my life (aside from right now) were in the late 80’s/early 90’s when I was a kid/early teenager. I kind of wish I could live in that world forever.


KH: A lot of the photos you post feature social deviation, such as punks, nudes, and just generally ‘alternative’ people. Do you curate your blog in such a way?

BP: Not on purpose but I guess it ends up seeming that way. I got into punk when I was around 11 and 12 and its had a huge impact on my life. I’ve never been “normal” and neither have my friends. I don’t think of it as being a social deviation. All of my friend are creative and smart. I guess I’ve always had an affinity for “alternative” people/scenes.


KH: Do you think old photographs, that were taken candidly, can be viewed as art?

BP: I suppose so. I don’t really view it as art. I just see it as documentation and it makes me so sad that cameras are dying out and everything is digital. It’s just not the same! My favorite photos are the fucked up ones that are catching a weird moment and are flawed. If someone has a digital camera they tend to erase those. Pictures that you’ve taken on film have a dream like quality and they’re so much prettier.



KH: You’ve posted pornographic images, which I think is awesome. Do you view these images as a form of art?

BP: No, I tend to post sexual photos that I think are hilarious. Who doesn’t like photos of naked people?!

KH: What was it about growing up in the 90’s that made it so unique and cool?

BP: I think every decade has cool things about it, the 90’s for me was just when I was at a really impressionable age. And I don’t think it was “cool” at least in the hip sense of the word. I think it was more real. I know there’s a 90’s fashion revival and stuff but that’s not what I’m talking about. I think the 90’s was the last decade you really had to search for what you wanted, in terms of music and culture. It made it more real and special. I know I sound like a grandma right now!


KH: Do you think kids and teens today have access to those same vibes that made it so amazing for you?

BP: Not really, everything is so accessible which is awesome in some ways and bad in others. I’d like to think that people are realizing that they want real things that they can see and hold in their hands, like buying a record instead of iTunes or whatever. But there might be really awesome stuff about growing up now that I dont know about, it’s all relative.


KH: Do you think the digital age has changed that (you touched on this when you said you don’t like digital cameras for their ability to easily erase the flaws)?

BP: Yeah for sure. I really dislike digital photography. But I mean I use my iPhone for photos like everyone else, i have an instagram and shit. but I always always have a 35mm film camera on me.

tumblr_lvs77u1sGD1qz5hcoo1_1280 443661009_9d9f17f269_o

– Kellie Hogan, Creative Director

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