Why a Positive Male Body Image Creates Such Great Art


Art by Kaley

This ultimately is not about gender. Gender, as a definition of character, is a complete construct of a bygone society. To assume anything about anyone based on appearance, in a perfect world, would be considered cruel and implausible. Unfortunately, your appearance is the first and last thought anyone has of you.

There aren’t a lot of places to look that don’t perpetrate the image of a sexy, successful man. This is too is a construct, as there can never be a single answer to the questions of attraction, sexuality, taste, or style.Thankfully, amongst all the spirit-crushing marketing portraying somebody else’s definition of success, there are people out there that just want to create, and achieve a higher art for it.

The flaw in the modern celebrity is their desire to control our perception of themselves. When an image is meticulously crafted and mathematically composed is when it is at its most obvious. What warrants my respect much more deeply, is an artist that can effortlessly achieve a concise and representative image of what they mean to portray, and do so whole-heartedly through their art.

In layman’s: stop giving a shit and your real focus becomes so much clearer.

Marcus Mumford 

Mumford & Sons_Marcus Mumford

In a world of extremely slim, tight-muscled and glistening models defining our style for us, Marcus Mumford just sort of does what he wants. The whole band itself happened that way. They played a bunch of crappy gigs, and then they played a bunch of amazing ones– now they’re freaking huge. The point I’ll make here is that it was through steady ambition and loving what they do that they defined their own success. Ross Holmes is also one of the most talented touring musicians today.

Bill Murray

"Moonrise Kingdom" Photocall - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

First of all, he had some steep competition.But then again, so did everybody. What does it matter, that he wasn’t Harrison Ford or couldn’t dance or didn’t really have the greatest smile? He was funny, and knew it. It was his art form, his timing and delivery keeping him afloat.



I shouldn’t at this point have to describe to anyone how incredible PSY is, but I will because he makes me unbelievably happy.

So, besides freaking out because he went to my college before deciding he was already a bad ass and didn’t need American schooling, my love for him extends into the realm of his extremely positive male body image. He is unashamed of his admittedly portly figure and gut. He flaunts it actually, like, all the time. It’s not something he considers, and maybe that’s why something like this isn’t widely discussed. It is much easier to pick apart today’s celebrity if they are obviously trying to control their public image, very rarely does a celebrity so effortlessly effect our own perception of them as completely as Psy does. He’s all about taking off his shirt, and doesn’t give a second though to what some would deem how a male pop singer should or shouldn’t dress. He is one of the most dynamic performers out there today and gives it harder than all his tiny, fit, back-up dancers. He’s also really hilarious and genuine.

I just mean to emphasize how our perception can be influenced without our conscious knowledge. It takes a real talent to simply be, and to celebrate whatever that is.

Honourable mentions: Jonah Hill, Matt Anderson, David Mayfield, Chris Stapleton.



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  2. psy_psychos

    Great article of Psy ^_^ the guy is a bomb in his performance!! Very energetic, confident and varies genres of music!


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