I Want To Go Back To There


Blerg. We’re gonna miss you Liz. Even though you’re leaving us after seven wonderful years, you have undoubtedly found a place in the hearts and vernacular of pop culture junkies everywhere. In honor of last night’s last episode of 30 Rock, here are among our favorite and most memorable Liz Lemon moments.

1. Night Cheese. Forever and ever amen.

2. “High-fiving a million angels!!”

3. The woman knows how to get out of jury duty, in Chicago at least.

4. She understands Jeffery and Ina, even if she doesn’t always understand her own relationships. Longer version available here.

5. “I’m pregnant with a kitty cat!”

6. Revel in the glory of motherhood.

7. James Franco and Kimiko.

8. There ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon party.

9. Cheesy Blasters.

10. “It’s the only white dress I own.”


About Joanna Harkins

co-founder and editor-at-large of inconnu

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