Cool Little Sisters

A Cool Little Sister, or a CLS as I like to call them, is tough, cool, and emotionally hardened. She has to deal with living under the shadow of her perfect older sibling.


Kaitlin Cooper – Mini Coop returns in Season 3 and shakes up Newport (and supplies Seth with pot). Stop for a second and try to imagine having THE Marissa Cooper as your big sister (and Julie Cooper as your mother, for that matter).


Dorrit Bradshaw – This girl steals a hamster. Tao Lin should write a book about that.


Scout Finch – She identifies with her daddy and big brother, and is exploring what it means to her to be a girl. Yay Harper Lee! Yay feminism!


Lydia Bennet – In the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, this CLS made a sex tape* with a hot older douche bag. Your move, older sisters.


Michelle Tanner – When she heard Teddy was moving to Texas she tied him up in her room. How rude!


Dawn Summers – She has a lot of teen angst (and pretty damn good reason for it; no spoilers). She’s also like the bravest teenage girl ever (after Buffy).


D.W. Read – My straight up style/life icon. She identifies with a singing cow, and is frequently bossy; what a cool chick!

* allegedly


About Kellie Hogan

co-founder and creative director of inconnu magazine


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