Sunday Morning Playlist


Art by Jasmin

Sunday Morning from inconnumag on 8tracks Radio.

With all these Valentine’s Day lists and articles springing up, I think it’s time that I come clean: there’s a playlist that I save for those moments of exquisite and acute pain after watching any Nora Ephron movie, for the idealized version of what love and being in a relationship means, in the context of lazy Sunday. I have no real basis for this fantasy, if you want to even call it that, other than this vision that I daydream about every once in a while.  If I were Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock, then I feel these songs would guide me through a montage of a perfect day.

There is a reason to this all occurring on Sunday; there’s a reason why some of these songs even have it in the title. It’s because Sunday is the day you spend with a significant other, so I hear and see in movies, after all the lusty feelings of Saturday night have dissipated. Sunday is the day of rest and relaxation, and you only really feel relaxed when you’re around the ones you love. Sunday is leisurely spent, unless you’re in school in which case it’s catch-up day. But in a perfect world, clearly of my own construction, there are days where you can stroll around New York or some such downtown area and have a soundtrack follow your every move. I know it’s not realistic, but there are worse things.

These songs I’ve accrued over the years, saving up for the day where I can live in blissful ignorance with someone else-for only a Sunday, cause let’s face it, life even for a day will never be perfect, always create this uneasiness that most people are inclined to feel when thinking of possible love and happiness. Rom-coms have become this bittersweet moment, when you’re happy for the characters in the end and immeasurably sad for yourself for being alone. It shouldn’t be that way; I know better than that! I think that in this climate of empowerment, and HBO’s Girls watching a Meg Ryan movie shouldn’t make your steely resolve crumble to pieces with the opening bars of a Louis Armstrong song.

This playlist is a simple representation of the energy and the mood that those in “love” feel on any given Sunday, or from what I gather from second-hand experience.

Behold, the Sunday Morning Playlist, in no particular order, is as follows:

Click here to listen to the full playlist.

“Excuses” – The Morning Benders

“Nothing But Our Love” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

“Close to Me”- The Cure

“Lover” – Devendra Banhart

“In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel

“La Vie en Rose” – Louis Armstrong (Rom-Com Law insists)

“Sunday Morning” – Maroon 5

“Creature Fear”- Bon Iver

“A Sunday Kind of Love” – Beth Rowley

“I’ve Got the World on a String”- Frank Sinatra

“Eyes” – Rogue Wave

“I’ve Got a Crush on You” – Frank Sinatra

“If You Were Here” – Thompson Twins

“Days Like This” – Van Morrison

“We Intertwine” – The Hush Sound

“Honey and the Moon” – Joseph Arthur

“Just Like Honey” – The Jesus and Mary Chain

“Brooklyn”- Wakey!Wakey!

“Brighter Than Sunshine” – Aqualung

“Toothpaste Kisses” – The Maccabees

“In the Morning” – The Coral


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TV addict, anglophile, and aspiring screenwriter currently seeking her "Great Perhaps". Moonlights as Staff Editor for Inconnu Magazine, though her romantic involvement with Netflix is a priority.


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