Being Attracted to Male Figure Skaters

2009 ISU World Figure Skating Championships - Men's Free Skate

It’s that time of year again! The World Championships of Figure Skating are on! Tonight, the best men in the world are competing to see who can spin the fastest, jump the highest, and – emote the most passion in their eyes. I grew up as a figure skater, so I’ve always watched it on TV whilst joyfully mocking the announcers’ lingo, the theatrical male skaters, and the men’s glorious costumes. I mock, but I mock because I love.

As a thirteen-year-old girl watching these men compete, I felt something strange a-brewin’ deep down in my soul. These were men like I had never seen before: graceful, powerful, emotional, and immensely competitive.

This is Husband Live Blogging.

Brian Joubert

brian joubert

He is the “manly-man” of men’s figure skating. This French power house always has masculine programs, including music from James Bond, The Matrix, and this year, a mash up of Daft Punk and Justice. He certainly stands out in a sea of sequins and feathers, like Kobe Bryant at a quilting tournament.

Evan Lysacek

evan lysacek

This American Olympic gold medalist is just such a cutie. He oozes that well-choreographed charm, poise and humbleness that only American Olympians can. You can have your Michael Phelpses and your Ryan Lochtes. I’ll take this guy.

Stephane Lambiel


He’s Swiss and has that soft, sweet side, but he can scream and fist-pump like the best of ’em. He also wore a pretty killer tiger-print, purple and sequin unitard. So.

Kevin Reynolds

kevin reynolds

Kevin is the Elvish Prince of Figure Skating. He does quadruple jumps like they’re as easy as heating up a hair straightener.

Johnny Weir


Did you see him on Say Yes to the Dress? If not, I’ll just tell you that he tried on a wedding dress and bought it — and it looked amazing on him. If you have the honor to watch his Swan Lake program, in which he wears one red glove called “Camille,” you may come out of it questioning your sexuality. My favorite thing ever was when an interviewer asked him how he prepared for the Olympics, and he simply said, “I did my hair, applied self-tanner, and took a nap.”

Javier Fernandez

javier fernandez

Everyone that watches this man skate talks about how charming he is, and how his Charlie Chaplin program wins over the hearts of the audience. He is from Spain but trains with Brian Orser, and hopefully, once he wins an Olympic medal next year, he’ll retire and skate circles around my heart <333

Kurt Browning


Swoon. I had to include the classic heartthrob of the skating world. He is an announcer now, which means we don’t ever have to let him go. Rejoice all!

Yuzuru Hanyu


He’s still a newbie, but he’s landing the quad in competition, and with the cheek-pinching-cute-face of a 12-year-old, he makes the list. From Japan, this kawaii cutie trains in Toronto with Brian Orser and is one to watch in both the skating world AND in husband-live-blogging.


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  1. Cannot like this enough.

    Personal favorite: “He certainly stands out in a sea of sequins and feathers, like Kobe Bryant at a quilting tournament.”


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