DIY: Sock Bunhead

DIY (“Do It Yourself”) means a lot to me; this is America, this is 2013, and I don’t need a man to do my sock bun, I can do it myself!

And so can you, if you just follow these simple and easy steps.


What you’ll need:

– hairbrush

– a zillion bobby pins

– a sock with the “toe” part cut off and rolled up into a doughnut

– various ribbons, hair clips, fun stuff, (yarn? YOLO)

– reading material

– TUMS (to give to people/yourself to relieve that sudden heartburn they will feel when looking at you with your hair in sock bun)

– camera for taking selfies (preferably iPhone)

– extra film for iPhone camera (because you’ll want to take tons of pix of your amazing hair!!)

– your main passport, as well as a couple of spares

Get Started:


Step 1: Put your hair in a ponytail. This is simple maneuver that you can learn how to do on Youtube or Vimeo, I think. If you don’t have enough hair to fit into a ponytail, grow it out and then return to step 1.


Step 2: Take your toe-less sock doughnut and stick it on the end of your ponytail.


Step 3: Now roll the hair down and around the doughnut, and into a bun.


Step 4: This part is really hard, but there are good tutorials on Pinterest so I suggest you look those up. This was my first attempt.. haha, YOLO.


Dang, I look like Lauren Conrad.




Step 5: take ALL the selfies (glaring into camera, flash on, flash off, on-purpose arm shot, Myspace pic, angelic pose, playful kitten pose, etc.)

Step 6: Dress it up! No one likes a boring headed girl/guy.


Here I am with some yarn wrapped around my sock bun, because there is something very organic / knitting-vibes about it, no? Also, if the yarn starts to unravel throughout the day, that’s okay! You can just tell people that it’s a metaphor for the slow and beautiful unraveling of your life.


Yarn-Bunhead posing with sad expression, sitting Spice Girls-style on chair.


Add more embellishment to your bunhead: Etsy it up! Put a bird on it! Colored hair extensions, ribbon, fake flowers, bendy wire!


#PromStyle #21stCenturyGirl #Zenon


I’d love to see what y’all come up with, so Twitpic me some of your own DIY sock buns!

xo, until next time, keep being a crafty s.o.b.


About Kellie Hogan

co-founder and creative director of inconnu magazine


  1. Joanna Harkins

    i have literally always wanted to know how people make their buns look so perfect THEY USE A SOCK WHAT

  2. “TUMS (to give to people/yourself to relieve that sudden heartburn they will feel when looking at you with your hair in sock bun)”

    I like actually can’t stop laughing.

  3. So cute! Definitely going to try this soon.

  4. I have so much hair I am literally terrified of trying this. Or really excited to have a bun the size of a small moon on the back of my head.


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