Your Favorite Jeans


Art by Emma

jeans - ale
Brand: BDG High Waisted Jeans
Price: Usually $60 but I got them for $20 during Christmas (cause I’m THAT good)
Where I got them: Urban Outfitters
Fit: I’m short (5’3″) with a decent sized butt
These jeans are the freaking best because: they are pretty dark, that’s how I like ’em, and aren’t too long which is usually a huge problem. I LOVE that they’re high-waisted because I like tucking blouses in and make myself seem taller. Plus, you never have to worry about your pants falling down when you sit, unlike Hollister jeans…They’re just amazing and comfortable and class up any t-shirt and you can’t tear a love like ours apart!
jeans - kk
Once I saw you on the legs of Jane Aldridge, I knew I had to make you mine.
Brand: Maison Scotch
Price: $170
Where I Got Them:
Fit: Like a glove. I’m always nervous buying clothes online because you never know if they’ll fit right, but these run true to size, and fit me like a glove. They’re a bit long, so I just cut the ends off each leg.
Why They’re Awesome: They are the freaking best because: They’re unique. I love the blue patches on the knees. I’m not really a jeans or pants girl at all, in high school I pretty much swore I would never wear pants. But these babies might have changed me.

Laura Marie

jeans - laura marie
The jeans are dope. One leg is black and one leg is dark purple- yet the variation is so subtle that it’s less freak show and more chic. Even my dad likes when I wear them!

Brand: Royal Bones.

Price: They cost about 15 dollars because they were a BOHO deal !

Where I got them: Hot Topic. In the last five years Hot Topic has become less mall goth and more H&M shopper friendly- although I wish I could say I once donned a pair of red plaid slasher threads. Hot Topic has an excellent selection of jeans that are always buy one get one half off ! Plus, they sell the same name brands as a notorious St. Mark’s store in Manhattan for a fraction of the cost !

Fit: The jeans are straight legged and a bit stretchy ! I’m short as frick but still have longer legs for my body- so they play up my best asset ! They are a really comfortable fit that won’t fall off without a belt !
They are the freaking best because: I can wear them to the club or to work and everyone always asks where i got them and saying Hot Topic makes me feel somewhat cooL.
jeans - pat
Brand: Levi’s 505 (bleach wash)
Price: $50
Where I Got Them: Kohl’s
Fit: Regular Fit/Thick-Legged, Big-Assed
Why They’re Awesome: Bleach wash jeans were the height of style in the early 90s, and these jeans make me feel like I’m in an episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete. These jeans are a wardrobe must for anyone who loves the 90s.
jeans - taylor
before i tried you on
my denim trailed behind, in the mud
now my ankles are dry
Brand: Morgan skinny jeans by dELiA*s
Price: $46.50 (but it’s buy one, get one 50% off!)
Where I got them: the dELiA*s at Tyson’s Corner mall #preteens
Fit: These are literally the only jeans I have ever owned that fit me properly. I’m 5’0, and I have a big butt. These jeans are stretchy enough to accomodate any extra junk in your trunk, but durable enough that they don’t feel like jeggings. And I DON’T NEED TO GET THEM TAILORED. dELiA*s sells jeans with a 28-inch inseam, so if you’re short and you need jeans, this is the best place on earth. Really.  Only downside is that the material will wear in about a year, but I buy two pairs a year because they’re buy one get one half off, and I wear them constantly. I like the Morgan fit because they’re not too skinny, but they easily tuck into boots. And they fall nicely on the hips.
Why they are the freaking best: ‘Cuz my ankles are happy.
jeans - hannah

Brand: I’m not a huge jean brand loyalist. These are Gap’s star print skimmer jeans.

Price: On sale for $59.99 last Boxing Day.
Where I got them: Gap, duh.
Fit: I tend toward Gap jeans because their “short” length is perfect for me. I don’t have to bother with hemming.
Why they are the freaking best: I’m really minimal when it comes to clothes and alternate between three pairs of nearly identical black skinnies most of the time. These were an impulse buy so they tend to be impulsively worn, too. They’re the best because they’re fun, a trait I don’t generally look for in my clothes. (How sad.)
jeans - joanna
Thank god i found you
The jeans of my wildest dreams
Bringing sexy back

Brand: Madewell

Price: They usually run for ~ $100.00 but I got them on sale for $70 !
Where I got them: the Madewell store at the mall
Fit: I’m pretty short so I usually go for petite sizes, but these were just too beautiful and Madewell provides a service where they will shorten your jeans for you for ~ 10 bucks and ship them directly to your home #win. Also I definitely have a butt,  so most times jeans are tight on my booty but loose on my legs but somehow these just ~work on me.
These are the freaking best because: They are the “Skinny Skinny” cut but are successfully tight enough to make my butt look gr9 without making me look like i’m cutting off my circulation. The wash is also dark but faded in the right places so it looks natural.
les inconnus

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  1. we are all short girls with big butts??

  2. I didn’t contribute to this because I hate wearing jeans (therefore I do not very much like any of the few pairs I own) but I’m feeling left out of this short girls with sizeable butts club (for which I certainly qualify)

  3. also a member of the short girl booty club. big butts, bigger hearts.


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