Musical Guilt Trips

We all have that favorite music; something to come back to over and over again, something to show our friends. Whether its a single song or complete discography of a particular artist, its music we’re comfortable with.

However, I can safely assume that there is another aspect of all our musical tastes. For however diverse our musical tastes may be, there is always music we may not be willing to admit to enjoying immensely. These guilty pleasures can be anything, but something about them always give us the sense that we shouldn’t be enjoying it quite as much as we are. I believe we should celebrate these musical guilt trips. Whether it’s for the nostalgia, the comedy, or the simple joy of listening to catchy tunes without having think so hard all the time. If anyone’s actually giving you shit for enjoying the music you do, they’re idiots and you’re awesome. Music doesn’t have to come with preconceived notions, it can just be fun for the sake of it. This was its intent all along, and I hate to think I’d listen to anything for any other reason than I simply enjoy it.

Welcome to inconnu’s awesome no-guilt-all-pleasure playlist!

Taylor – Lana del Rey

Kellie – Poison

Joanna – Cute is What we Aim For

Alejandra – Jason Mraz

Patrick – Ke$ha

Hannah – Beyonce

Judith – Brooke Candy

Meaghan – Lily Allen

Gabby R. – Heart

Molly – Taylor Swift

Mike – Tesla



  1. Thanks for this, Mike!
    For the record, I can (now) fully admit that my first pick as a guilty pleasure is Brand New.

  2. ‘every rose has its thorn’… me and julie cooper both.


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