Arrested Development: A Purer Love Than You Will Probably Ever Know

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Warning: SPOILERS (if this applies to you, pop open a Netflix tab and watch this show) 

Most people from Generation Y have seen or at least heard of Arrested Development, the sitcom that fundamentally changed how we think about sitcoms. Of these people, many grew up seeing Corys and Topangas or Monicas and Chandlers fall in love so perfectly that it gave even those awesome guys in that Macklemore video a run for their money. This formative environment set an unrealistic precedent for love in the minds of Generation Y, which grew up basing its entire concept of relationships on statistical anomalies and fictitious romances that placed heavy emphasis on the concept of The Soul Mate (Not the Seinfeld episode) and The One (Not Jet Li).

So, by the time Arrested Development made its debut on the air, many members of this generation were already floundering in their own dysfunctional relationships with the best of intentions. For these people, the relationship between the self-defeating George Michael and his underage film-exec cousin Maeby essentially amounted to an incest-laden slap in the face.

Here are reasons why:

1. George Michael was so in love with Maeby that he paid to have her DNA tested to see if they were actually cousins.

2. When George Michael finds out they might not be related, he opts not to tell Maeby because he doesn’t want to take away her family.

3. George Michael and Maeby are seen on several occasions just lunchin’ because they love spending time together.

4. In the season two finale, their love LITERALLY COLLAPSES THE HOUSE.

5. George Michael sleeps in the stair car one night in Reno, waiting for Maeby to meet him there so they can finish a kiss.


6. At one point during the series, George Michael and Maeby accidentally get married, and George Michael buys Maeby a wedding ringtone (#whatapun).

7. When George Michael single-handedly ruined Maeby’s career as a film executive, she doesn’t get angry, and they drink fake wine together.

8. In the series finale, George Michael finds out that Maeby isn’t his real cousin, but chooses not to pursue it because she’s still family, and “family first.”


About Patrick McDonald

Writer, human. I like to ruin TV shows.


  1. i have nothing to comment on this except, “hehehehe yep.”

  2. Jenai


  3. Shippo

    this list made me daww so much. they are so cute… hope they end up together in the end, cousins or not. :)

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