Viva Magazine and Viva the 70s

Viva Magazine may be the most aesthetically pleasing women’s erotic magazine ever made. It also has material that competes with its companion title for men, Penthouse, and other magazines that really are “read for the articles.” It has beauty tips, feminism, interviews, short stories, and beautiful spreads. There is endless information that’s still relevant to women, including how to have sex in a bath tub and other how-tos.

And it was all brought together beneath Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue and artistic director of Conde Nast. She has remained pretty hushed over the years about her work there, but we’re obsessed with the magazine.

You can read through the content for yourself on VFiles and take a look at how visually inspiring it is below. It might even inspire you to get it on 70s style.

Viva’s first issue featuring a short story by Joyce Carol Oates and an interview with Norman Mailer.

John Lennon on money, marriage, music and fame. Molly Haskell on the joys of non-motherhood.

Also, viva 70s sleeves.

Bed/Time/Story by Jill Robinson. New fiction by Sue Kaufman. Director Louis Malle on making movies and making waves. Liliana Cavani on sadomasochism.

“Woman power now! It’s the real thing.”

All images via: vfiles


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