Today we had our first meeting of the GTFO TV Club, which will be a bi-weekly feature here on inconnu. (It’s like The View meets Oprah’s book club, except we’ll be talking about television and none of us is Whoopi Goldberg.) Gabrielle, Taylor, Gabby R., Kellie, and Alejandra discussed the first 11 episodes of Veronica Mars season 1. The discussion includes: an epic Veronica Mars / OC crossover, plenty of fangirling over Max Greenfield’s voice, an attempt to figure out what UPN even was, and a surprise visit from Silent James Franco. (Also, Veronica’s trust issues, Keith Mars’s parenting skills, and the show’s in-your-face  stance on rape culture.)

Join us for the next episode on April 25th when we discuss the second half of the season and find out once and for all who really killed Lilly Kane.


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