Allie Hanlon of Peach Kelli Pop


At first I thought her name was Kelli, and since I’m Kellie, that was pretty exciting. But actually she’s Allie. The name Peach Kelli Pop was taken from a Redd Kross song, and the cute n’ catchy name is fitting to her Anime Beach Boys sounding jams. Before there was a band, Peach Kelli Pop was just Allie herself, writing and recording music, but then she taught her friends the songs so she could play the songs live. “There are always different people in the band, depending on who is available, but they are always talented and radical humans,” she told me via email.

This is BFF Material!


Kellie Hogan (inconnu): I met you at a crazy house show. When we are hanging out in a crazy basement together in the audience, listening to cool music, how do you behave? (dance/mosh-pit/awkward head nodding/get wasted…)

Allie Hanlon: We share a mickey of liquor and dance in the front row! It’s way more fun for everyone if people are dancing and getting into the music.

KH: When we have a super cute girly sleepover, what not-at-all-guilty pleasure pop music do we sing our hearts out to, bad karaoke-style?

AH: Not guilty!!!! Ace of Base, T.aT.u, ABBA and Aqua (all foreign girl fronted bands, I guess?)

KH: I love road trips. Plan the essential BFF road trip, including pit stops, snacks, and the soundtrack.

AH: Road trips are the essence of life. We would start in Arizona and drive along the HWY 10 heading West. Our first stop would be Quartzsite AZ (also known as the rock capital of the world) and check out weird stuff for sale on the side of the road (bonsai plants, flags, stones and minerals, fireworks) we would continue heading west until Joshua Tree, smoke a joint and drive through the Park, which is the most unique, haunting, bizarre and beautiful place! We could camp there for the night, or continue on… Choose your own adventure… camping would involve a bonfire and hotdogs & boombox listening (Hasil Adkins?) After that we could drive to Orange County / LA area and visit Burger Records! We would most likely have Mexican food at El Farlito right around the corner, spend all our money on amazing records and then watch weirdo VHS tapes in the back room.


KH: My boyfriend thinks your band is lame. What are you gonna do?

AH: Throw a pie in his face. JK, Not care (unless he’s an asshole about it) No one has to like my music! We can still coexist peacefully with our own musical preferences.

KH: We go shopping and I try on the most perfect vintage overalls, but you have an almost identical pair of your own. Do you convince me not to buy them, or do you love the idea of us being twinzies?

AH: Twinzies, duh! I love matching anything. Some may say I am tacky.

KH: I like to spend all day at a diner with my BFF, talking about the hypothetical future, people watching, and eating brunch. Does this jive with you? What would be your perfect all-day BFF date??

AH: It definitely jives. I’m all about combining hanging out with girlfrans & pigging out. Perfect all-day date would be getting sushi or pho, getting a cheap manicure, thrift shopping, then ordering a pizza and watch some movies!


KH: This isn’t a BFF question really, except that it’s something I have been fantasizing about. How old were you when you moved to Cali? I always think of that Joni Mitchell song about California and imagine that it is ‘the dream’ for creative people from the north. Was this true for you?

AH: I was actually 25 years old, and it was only 14 months ago! Moving to California was amazing. That being said, I think I would have loved anywhere, cuz I was really ready to live somewhere new. California is the first place I’ve lived besides Ottawa and it is really working for me! I’m inspired by the creative and ambitious people that surround me, people that are really following their dreams. I encourage everyone to move far away from their hometown, whether it be to California or not.

Verdict: Allie gets the inconnu BFF seal of approval!

Allie has also been playing in a band called the White Wire since 2007.  Along with band-mates Luke Nuclear and Ian Manhire (of Boyhood and Voicemail, respectively), she has released three full length albums, a bunch of 7″s, and has done a few little tours in Canada, the United States, and Europe.


About Kellie Hogan

co-founder and creative director of inconnu magazine


  1. How do you propose BFF-status to someone? I need it for science.

    • try to be honest about your feelings. give them an exhurberant high five and/or favorite between 4-7 of their tweets. be sure to remember their birthday- gift them FarmVille dollars.


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