Poppin’ Bottles

If you came into my room you’d think I was either a hoarder or an alcoholic. One of the things I like to collect are bottles: beer, wine, vodka, rum, and even unique soda or water bottles. I can barely use my desk because of how many beer botles cover it. Instead of throwing them out or letting them just sit there like bumps on a log, I’ve come up with two ways you can recycle and reuse glass bottles.

Bottle Candle Holders

Burning candles can be therapeutic or used as a source of life. You could use this to relax after a long day,
have a séance or even save some electricity. Score.


What you will need:

  • Three glass bottles
  • Three candles
  • Hot glue gun
  • Miscellaneous materials to decorate


I shaved my candles down to fit into the bottles. This all depends on the size of your candles and the
bottle opening.

Step One: Decoration


Decide on the design for your decoration. I used fake flowers and miscellaneous buttons for a summery look.


Step Two: Combine


Put a strip of glue on the side of bottle and gently press it to another bottle to make the holder. Repeat this
process on the other side.

Step Three: The Finished Product


After your candle holder is built put in your candles and …

poppin bottles 7

Voilà, there you have it! Light your candles and enjoy.

Beer Bottle Vase

This one you can use to hold all of the flowers you gather in the meadow while the wind flows through your glorious locks.

poppinbottles 8

What you will need:

  • Clear glass bottles
  • Paper French lace dollies
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Step One: Cut Out Your Shape


Step Two: Glue



Glue these beauties together exactly like the last project.

Step Three: The Finished Product


Fill with water and enjoy the fruit of your labors.


About Judith Jones

I'm a full time student and part time artist. Cat lady. Feminist but more of a Womanist. Political Science major. Dabbles in DIY projects. I hang out at simplebutchic.blogspot.com

One comment

  1. I’m a bottle hoarder too! I just can’t help it, if a bottle is pretty, I have to cling to it like an old lady clings to free Sweet ‘n Low packets. This craft idea is pretty good, maybe now my bottles will have a purpose.


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