Vinepeek Missed Connections


You’ve heard of a Missed Connection on Craigslist, or a “Spotted” ad for hotties on your University campus? Yeah? Well here we are going to and writing missed connections ads for the people (or cats) (or food) we see!

Vinepeek Missed Connections will be posted one Saturday a month as a big collab post. Contributions highly encouraged!


Gabby R.

Red Solo cups, red vest, red hat, throwing your arms in the air (like you just don’t care). You made my cheeks red.


Shirtless boy making tacos: is that a soft shell? I could make it a hard shell for you.

A bunch of straight guys being super homoerotic and walking in on each other in the shower (while recording it on vine)… no stop… don’t leave…

Girl eating huge stack of homemade waffles topped with eggs: We could make some beautiful breakfasts together. (Is that you Leslie Knope?)

Laura Marie

Boy wearing his pants Steve Urkel style dancing with blonde bomb shell mom- you are so beautiful you make me weep.


Girl washing down a big pill with water, then saying ‘ouch’. You are my spirit animal.

Gabby C.

For the blonde from Virginia Tech, I’ll give you that boombah.

Man, that looks like a nice, freshly opened Budweiser, but why aren’t you hanging out with everyone else at that party?


 f4m – Ryan Atwood-esque teen boy wearing Hawaiian lei singing to Bieber in an SUV. I would have loved to sing along.


Beautiful boy geeking out over the new Daft Punk song alone with your cat – you were made for the internet, let’s get lucky.

Featured illustration by Jasmin


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One comment

  1. Can’t stop laughing at “Shirtless boy making tacos: is that a soft shell? I could make it a hard shell for you.”


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