A Mamrie After My Own Hart


Mamrie Hart is a drinker with a comedy habit — equal parts sloppy and stand up. I imagine her as the crazy uncle everyone talks about at Thanksgiving, or the girl who sat in the back of the classroom in high school, sneaking vodka from a water bottle while still managing to convince the teachers to give her good grades by making jokes only they would understand. She’s the kind of person who simultaneously intimidates you and draws you in, so that you never know whether to laugh or cringe or probably a little of both.

It’s no wonder she has a weekly YouTube show called “You Deserve A Drink,” in which she mixes up fancy-ass cocktails while recapping the week’s pop culture news, making ~TERRIBLE~ puns, and telling jokes so dirty you’ll want to hose yourself down (or, you know, just get hosed).

Most importantly though, I really wanna be her BFF.

inconnu: Who are YOUR biggest BFF dream crushes? (Amy Poehler is a given.)

Mamrie: You know I gotta say Amy Sedaris. She is super rad and ridiculous, and if her brother David could come to our sleepover too — I would never stop laughing. Also, I think in another life me and Paul Reubens would be best friends. I was OBSESSED with Peewee’s Playhouse when I was little. And If I ever get grossly rich, I’m going to build a replica of the playhouse and hire people to work the puppets and just go full on insane.

inconnu: What makes a good friend? Five words or less.

Mamrie: A very high alcohol tolerance.

inconnu: Describe the perfect [PG] sleepover:

 Mamrie: A perfect sleepover for me is basically the same as they were when you were 13, except with the added bonus of alcohol. I am almost thirty years old and still have a few nights a month with my girlfriends that include TONS of dancing and prank calls.

inconnu: You and Grace have been livestreaming viewings of classic films like the ABC Family original, “Holiday in Handcuffs” on your channel. What are your all-time favorite bad movies?

Mamrie: God, there are SO many of them. I’d say basically any movie that a girl is pulling the guy by his tie in the poster.

inconnu: Desert island. Three mixers & three kinds of alcohol. What do you bring, and what will you make?

Mamrie: Gin and limes to make gin gimlets. Baileys and coffee to make breakfast. Tequila and Corona. Beer can totally count as a mixer when drunk in quick succession.

inconnu: Recast Full House with people from the internet.

Mamrie: Jack and Finn would be Michelle, because of the twin factor. If one gets cranky, the other one can fill in while the cranky one naps. I just figure being that handsome is exhausting. Tyler Oakley would be Stephanie because I can just picture him saying “How rude!’. Mitchell Davis would be DJ. Hannah Hart would be Uncle Joey, Grace would be Uncle Jesse because she has perfect hair and deep down wants to tour with the Beach Boys. And, it pains me to say it, but I’m totally Kimmy Gibbler. I’m an acquired taste and a total perv. And in my version of ‘Full House’ there is no Saget.

inconnu: Name one ‘inconnu’ (unknown) fact about yourself.

Mamrie: I can flex my tongue like a muscle. Seriously. It grosses some people out but I wear it with pride.

inconnu: Your band Cudzoo & the Fagettes kicks ass. Do you have any future releases planned? What are your favorite all-female bands out there right now (or ever)?

Mamrie: Why thank you kindly. We are working on new music and currently trying to find new things that rhyme with ‘dick’. Favorite girl bands? Well, they sometimes have dudes playing with them but Heart is my jam. Those Wilson sisters are the coolest siblings I know outside of my own family. Does Salt-n-Peppa count?

inconnu: Lastly, what advice would you give to all the awesome ladies out there who are dreaming big and trying to do cool shit?

Mamrie: Really take a second to look inward at your self, process the journey you are going on, and say ‘FUCK other people’s opinions’! Anyone who is successful, especially people who do something different or new, have had their batch of critics that they didn’t ask for. Put in your metaphorical earplugs and keep going. Or put in real earplugs if that critic is a roommate.

Art by Kellie


About Taylor Brogan

Managing Editor - inconnu magazine. Tweets @thbrogan.

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  1. she always has a fun vibe about her. love her videos.


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