A Sad Girl’s Style Guide


Nobody’s crying face is cute, so why not just let your clothes cry for you? 

Maybe you’re feeling down because you failed an exam, had a particularly bad dream, or you stepped on a bug and killed it. Maybe you can’t stop crying because your heart is broken, or you accidentally cut your bangs lopsided. Or maybe you’re just upset because you realized you’ll never be Beyoncé. Whatever the reason, it’s handy to have a “go to” outfit for those times when you feel so sad that choosing what to wear becomes pointless and unbearable.

fullteardropborderThese are just basic items of clothing that you can customize yourself. I embroidered the shirt using a needle and thread, and I made a teardrop pattern on the pants using gemstones and extra strong fabric glue. It wasn’t hard to do, it’s surprisingly easy to craft and cry at the same time. And although tears aren’t the comfiest thing in the world to sit on, just think of it as a physical metaphor reminding you that being sad is a mega pain in the butt, so you may as well try to be happy.


I should probably warn you that wearing such an obvious outfit is an invitation for people to ask you how you’re feeling, so be prepared to talk about why your eyes look like swimming pools. It’s much healthier to wear your emotions on your clothes than to keep them bottled up inside of you anyway. The upside is that talking about it will start to make you feel better and while I’m not saying that wearing a cute ensemble will make all your troubles fade away, hopefully by the end of the day it will make you want to turn your frown upside down, or turn your shirt inside out, whatever comes first.

– Nyssa Sharp, Staff Writer



  1. H

    this is the best thing ever

  2. I can’t wait to make that shirt. ‘s all day plz.


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