Female BFF Dream-Teams

Complex female characters are many a TV/movie lover’s wet dream (and not just the females; Joss Whedon knows where it’s at when it comes to badass ladies), but something even harder to find (though not impossible) is the best fictional female friendship. Sure, they’re not nonexistent, but the world can definitely use more. I’ve dreamed up some of the coolest girl bonds that will only exist in fanfiction crossovers (which I implore all of you to begin writing).

Veronica Mars/Kat Stratford – Talk about spunky. This pairing is a pure sarcasm-fest, the stuff of  my angsty teenage dreams. Kat would completely understand Veronica’s trust issues and Veronica would be Kat’s biggest cheerleader when it came to never worrying about anyone else’s expectations. Kat would do whatever she could to help Veronica with her cases, probably picking up some investigative techniques herself and getting her own taser.  They’d probably listen to the same music while taking turns driving each other to school, as they bond over their former popularity, their moms leaving when they were teenagers, and their dreams of leaving everything behind after high school.

Mia Thermopolis/Lindsay Weir – What happens when two smart, sweet, awkward, alternatively dressing brunettes hang out? Instant best friends are created.* Lindsay would be chill about Mia’s surprise royalty, helping Mia keep her head throughout the whole ordeal. Mia would totally understand Lindsay’s desire to really live life, to find something outside of the Mathletes, and she’d help her do it while still trying to make sure her friend does what’s best for her future.

*I am not a brunette, but I’m assuming.

Lane Kim/Angela Chase – Set the scene: Lane is the cool high school senior who takes Angela under her wing after she dyes her hair. She introduces Angela to the coolest music, helps her to explore the terrain of her new friendship with Rayanne, and encourages her alternative fashion sense (even if it means hideous overalls).  In turn, Angela is someone for Lane to rant with about the annoyances of overbearing mothers.

Beca Mitchell/Lelaina Pierce – In the Katy Perry documentary, Part of Me, her best friend Shannon Woodward tells a story about lying on the grass with an 18-year-old Perry and promising they’d never let the other give up on her dreams.  Beca and Lelaina would most definitely be those friends for each other; Lelaina would sit around editing her latest documentary while Beca would experiment with a new mash-up.  They’d be each other’s support systems while trying to navigate the tricky music/film industries without selling out, and they’d force each other to talk through their boy problems (of which they have many, but it’s okay, they’re helping each other work on their communications skills).

Claire Standish/Cher Horowitz – Popular girls are real people, too, and they need best friends. In my alternate reality, Claire’s best friend was Cher, and after her day in detention, she went over to Cher’s mansion and told her all about Bender. After Cher’s initial shock about high school boys (Cher and a high school boy? AS IF!) she is very supportive and helps Claire pick out an outfit on her computer so that Claire can drive Bender crazy in school on Monday.  (And then Josh shows up, because Paul Rudd is in all of my alternate realities.)


About Gabrielle Costa

I'm just a girl, standing in front of the TV, asking it to love her. I'm also always on the internet, usually here: @gabriellemcosta.

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  1. It would’ve been nicer if you had set up Lane as MY BFF. I love Lane.


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