Cereal Tuesday!

Tuesdays aren’t just for pot roast anymore!

Back in “the day” (high school), Joanna and I used to drive to Safeway in our Catholic school uniforms, buy a box of Junk-food cereal, and eat it at my house. It was a Tuesday tradition so sacred, I thought it needed to return in a big way: on our magazine.

You will find me here nearly* every Tuesday, showcasing a different cereal. Today my cereal of choice is:

Trader Joe’s Pomegranate & Blueberry Flakes & Clusters Cereal.

I will be rating the cereals on 5 dimensions: flavor, crunch, branding, fun, and overall satisfaction.

Flavor: 6.9/10

This cereal is sweet without being sugary, and healthy-tasting without being cardboard. Yet somehow the pomegranate doesn’t have the most natural fruity flavor in the world? I can’t quite put my finger on why though; maybe because it’s cereal…?

Crunch: 8.5/10

Great crunch. Gr8 crunch; I mean, Gr8.5 crunch! I ate this at a regular-slow speed and it didn’t get soggy. I used regular ol’ 1% milk this time around, but this cereal also holds up great with soy milk and almond milk, for those of you who are lactose-opposed.

Branding: 7.499/10

Pretty much all of Trader Joe’s products have excellent branding. This would have scored higher, but the font is a little too papyrus for my liking, and the particular shade of purple on the box seems to take itself too seriously. It’s super cereal, y’all.

Fun: 5/10

It’s not a blast to eat; as you can tell by my face for the duration of this video, I am slightly bored. The only reason I’m dancing is because of them Jay-Z raps on the Gatsby Soundtrack. 5 points for Gryffindor though, because I wasn’t overly aware of my own lack of fun-having.

Overall Satisfaction: 7.8/10 

I know I know I know. I couldn’t choose between a 7 or an 8, which is the same problem I have when I rate pretty much everything, all boys are a 7 or an 8, TV shows, music, toaster, toe nails… I simply can’t hate on this cereal for any reasons. I give it serious points for the real chunks of dried fruit, and the crunchy granola clusters. The combo of those two babies are for cereally the key to my heart.

*If you or a friend are interested in making a cereal tuesday video for inconnu, there are only three rules: You musn’t speak; there must be super chill music; you must show the cereal box, pouring the bowl and eating.

Send them to Zoom, cc: inconnumag@gmail.com


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co-founder and creative director of inconnu magazine

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