Boston Baked Boys


Designer are Rory, Stone, Sam, and Jim. They displaced themselves from New Zealand, Baltimore, Chicago, and Charlotte to Boston for school. They’re making music because what the hell else are they going to do? They’re one of the most exciting live bands in Boston, and are branching out around New England as we speak. They’re awesome and you should check out their new EP Kalvin & Kline.

I texted Rory a bunch and he answered questions on behalf of the band.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Designer.

inconnu: Does Boston lend itself well to self-promotion and booking?

Designer: Bodies of water shows is #1

inconnu: You were recently attacked in Brooklyn, how’s the recovery coming?

Designer: Someone confused our cover of Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl for Prodigy’s Fire Starter. No one got hurt but the next night we met Darwin Deez at the Knitting Factory which was tight, after we played they were bumping Wu Tang Clan’s est. 1969

inconnu: I’m sure you hate hypotheticals, but if you had to have lunch with a celebrity, what would you order?

Designer: A reuben or a milkshake.

inconnu: Who are Kalvin & Kline?

Designer: It’s inspired by an icp album… or odd future, can’t remember which.

inconnu: Do you guys hang out or is it one of those strictly business situations?

Designer: These are my fucking boys!

inconnu: What do you guys get into when you’re not sonically assaulting a bunch of kids holding naragansetts?

Designer:  Jim buys deli sandwiches a lot, Sam fingers, Stone sits in his room and I look at myself.

inconnu: Tell me about the Black Pus show!

Designer: Pus was cool, Brian Chippendale was a huge influence to me when I was in high school. very nice human male, assuming he’s got a big honker, got to play with Guerilla Toss who are amazing, they definitely have big honkers, except Kassie she’s a princess.

inconnu: It’s 2007 and you’ve got $20, what two CDs do you pick up?

Designer: Any two Arab on radar… Oh wait, 2007? Obituary’s Cause of Death and Lightning Bolt’s Ride the Skies

inconnu: Inconnu comes from the French for unknown, can you speculate to one unknown item in each of your bedrooms?

Designer: Motorcycles and bongs.

inconnu: Loudest show you’ve been to?

Designer: Swans.

inconnu: Quietest?

Designer: Secret Boyfriend

inconnu: Favourite Stallone Film?

Designer: Zoolander

inconnu: Favourite food in Boston?

Designer: JP Licks by far

inconnu: Last thing you listened to?

Designer: XTC’s Drums and Wires

inconnu: Where was Designer when they got Osama?

Designer: They got Osama?

inconnu: Any comments on your experience in the Boston house show circuit? Do you count any difference between a house show and a venue or club?

Designer: Uh, house shows are tight but so are club shows, difference is cops try to ruin the fun at house shows, plus house shows are fucking ruckus. Club shows are good too with the right sound guy.

inconnu: In closing?

Designer: Thanks everyone, we appreciate it all forever.

Check out more of their music here.



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