Thrifting Willow Rosenberg

My love for Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as a character, is well-documented. Something that I’ve never mentioned, though, is my love for her delightfully awful style. A twitter friend, Robin (@caulkthewagon), wrote a great series of articles a few years ago titled Buffy Fashion Roulette. In these articles, readers picked random Buffy episodes and she would hilariously review characters’ outfits and stick a “Best Dressed”, “Worst Dressed” poll at the end. Willow was frequently named “Worst Dressed” (though not as often as Tara).

It’s awful, ladies and gents. But it’s great.

Consider exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And the outfit that inspired my shopping, exhibit C:

One more time, from a different angle, because that shirt is BRILLIANT (!!!):

Willow is not afraid of her style. She didn’t shrink back on the fluff and colors when Cordelia characterized her look as the “softer side of Sears”. No; she added MORE. As her friendship with Buffy deepened, so did the extravagance of her wardrobe. Further, there’s always something playful yet librarian in her outfits; ample sweaters with tight skirts, ponchos with dress pants, furry hats with dress shirts. Her look matured as she aged, but I was inspired by her high school style, and wanted to make it work.

So Kellie and I headed to Value Village in Ottawa, and we set to work, collecting a bounty worthy of potential slayers:

2013-05-03 22.11.03

So behold, scoobies, as I embody Willow Rosenberg while donning a purple, furry, turtlenecked, cut-off shirt, a tight skirt and a seriously 90s pair of boots.

2013-05-16 17.05.42

2013-05-16 17.06.38I was surprised to find that I actually loved the way the doc martens-esque platforms looked with Kellie’s H&M tie-dye tights.

2013-05-16 17.09.32

2013-05-16 17.08.07Reading my Buffy comics, obviously.

2013-05-16 17.08.23As Willow would say, “I’m a blood-sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!”


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I write about what I live. This includes previous jobs, boring details, passions and television. Lots and lots of TV. I enjoy live-tweeting episodes of sci-fi/fantasy series (and the occasional football show) @GloryisBen.


  1. MOLLY

    yessss. amazing!

  2. Oh those furry shirts, man. The tights-and-boots combination is pretty sweet, though. Maybe I should try tie-dyeing some old tights…

  3. Joanna Harkins

    This is gold, Jerry, gold!

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