Wonderly + inconnu!

inconnu is excited to announce that we have  joined the Wonderly family, which means you can expect some sweet content on our YouTube channel in the future. The Wonderly folk will be contributing to our li’l site every other Saturday.  Check back for posts from our rad-ass lady godmothers and some of their favorite creators, including many of our favorite YouTube personalities.  You’ll also be able to find a little corner of their site dedicated to inconnu every other Friday, starting, well…now.

Hello inconnu-babes, Wonderly here! We thought that since the masterminds behind this lovely site wrote about its inception over on Wonderly.com, we would talk about ours here.  It’s only the beginning of our journey, and it’s seriously been a blast so far.

Once upon a time in a land far far away — okay, it was just Los Angeles — Wonderly was created.  The offspring of the YouTube network and media company Big Frame, Wonderly was just an idea that a small team at Big Frame thought could really help some incredibly talented, and unfortunately underserved, female content creators.  We realized that they weren’t getting the type of attention and views on their videos that they should have been.  It was important to us to empower these creators and wanted a brand that inspired up-and-comers as well.

After MANY late-night, pizza-consuming sessions (and that was just for the name alone) Wonderly and what it represents was born!

Next, we worked with the amazingly talented Karen Kavett on the Wonderly logo. We wanted to have the women in our new community help with as much of the branding as possible, since this was about them and their creativity! What she came up with was better than what we could have imagined.

So, this…


Logo mood board from Karen Kavett

Became this….


To kick things off, we hosted our first Wonderly weekend, with a select group of channels we wanted to invite into the Wonderly world, and celebrated their creativity, intelligence and overall vision. This was extra entertaining for all of us, because we allowed everyone invited to start Tweeting, Facebook-ing, and Instagram-ing everything they were doing yet no one knew anything about Wonderly… yet!  The response was incredible and we were off to a successful start.  This also led to plenty of separation anxiety when we all parted ways to return to making videos, building the Wonderly website, and scouring the internet for more like-minded creators to join in the fun.  We’ve survived thanks to plenty of G+ Hangouts and Skype sessions from far corners of the world… and at all hours of the day and night!


      The night we launched the website!

Their attitude towards Wonderly in the beginning has helped us create the amazing community we have today.  We launched our website on January 16, 2013 and now we have over 80 channels that are a part of Wonderly and our new Friends of Wonderly communities, and girls from ALL over the world submit their videos and blog posts to us daily.   We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and continue to push ourselves to inspire more young women [and men — WONDER-HE, anyone?] to keep speaking their minds and creating great content.

We have BIG plans for the future and hope all of you will stick with us for the ride.


The Wonderly Team


About inconnu

inconnu online is about culture, humor, and creativity. Read inconnu if you want to live.


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