To Eat Shreddies or Not to Eat Shreddies

Today’s cereal is… (drumroll)


Y’all don’t have these in the U.S., sorry boo.

Hamlet Week + Cereal Tuesday = this:

Flavor: 8/10

Call me a renaissance man, but I love the simplicity of this cereal’s flavor. They also come in a honey flavor, but I really think this original kind is sweet enough. Granted, I added a few handfuls of blueberries. But they show it on the box, so I’m pretty sure that’s a requirement of some sort.

Crunch: 7/10

Methinks the cereal doth crunch too much (at first)– doth crunch too little after thou soak in thine milk for a few minutiae.

Branding: 7.2/10

I’m proud to call this a cereal of the Kingdom and it’s colonies. I like excluding the United States whenever possible. So it gets points for that. I also like the classic cereal box-iness of this: bright yellow and full of fun!  I also freaking love this genius Shreddies commercial from a couple years ago.

Fun: 6/10

Well they aren’t NOT fun, but I DID have to add all them blueberries… this was a tough call for sure. Points for being fun even when I was listening to that Hamlet soliloquy.

Overall Satisfaction: 8/10

Can’t go wrong with the Shreddies. My mom loves these things, which is the only reason why I’ve ever actually had them, or else I’m positive I would have forgotten they exist. Whether a square or a diamond shape, they are delicious and nutritious like I like ’em.

Cereal On!


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