A Student in the School of Hamlet

To the reader:

Please be advised that as a confessional poet, and a student in the school of Hamlet, that my poetry is often intended for a specific person. That being said, these were the least offensive poems i could curate outside of a more specific context. Also, for fun, while reading, try wearing all black, unseasonable clothing whilst looking out the nearest window with your head tilted to a perfect 45 degree angle, listening to the Tennesse Waltz by Ms. Patsy Cline.

lax girl

the way former high school athletes

feel when spring approaches,

a dancing nostalgia

crippled with failure.


right now I know you’d like to be

dipping fries in a McDonald’s milkshake.

i’ve loved you since the 5th grade.

question is will you be able to open the PDF

i just sent you of my most recent tax form?

i do like the way your eyes behave across glass


is there a river that goes?

will any of these people

continue to matter?

shoot me in the foot.

the beautiful baby that you

are creating could have been

our baby.

i am going to be sad about

you for guess what

the rest of my life.

sparkle and shine

‘what is the true price of an ICEE?’

I think on my way to the nook of your arm

on a Friday at 1pm.

i would like to bring back the aborted,

ask them if the glow of heaven is better.


About Laura Marie Marciano

Multi-Media Artist and Poet i love poetry. i hate surplus.


  1. This made me so sad, LM, you’re a god amongst women

  2. haha thanks but no I am just a sensitive little lamb


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