Aging Seductress Vibes


Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorite movies by Tim Burton. I know the fan-favorite is Edward, but personally I prefer someone a little sassier– a Julie Cooperesque scene stealer– and that seductress is Joyce.

If you haven’t seen the movie in a while, Joyce is a nosy neighbor (like literally everyone in that community) that tries to seduce Edward. I do appreciate her innocence and child-like curiosity, but it’s no match for that aggressive personality. She’s just too much; and her spunk and ridiculous hair style go perfectly with Burton’s picturesque Kool-Aid suburban setting.

summertime 001


summertime 006

Art by Brie


About Judith Jones

I'm a full time student and part time artist. Cat lady. Feminist but more of a Womanist. Political Science major. Dabbles in DIY projects. I hang out at

One comment

  1. This is the best. <3 <3 Brie + Judy 4 Ever.


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