Cocktail Anatomy: Paris Hilton’s Birthday Party

drink2-1 copy

My signature drink, named by a clever friend of mine, is one that is often met with serious judgmental looks.  But if there’s one thing I love, it’s proving judgmental people wrong — and this drink does just that. It’s the Ke$ha of drinks. The words “birthday cake” and “vodka” usually elicit an immediate, almost reflexive, grimace of disgust. But, in my experience, an actual tasting unconditionally results in surprised agreement that it is, in fact, a delicious party refreshment. In particular, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to not have to taste your alcohol, read on.

All you need is love, a.k.a.:

–       birthday cake vodka (imho the best tasting brand is Smirnoff )

–       Diet Coke (not “coke,” unless you really wanna do it the Paris Hilton way)


Measure out the vodka in a shot glass if you’re some sort of perfectionist, but if at a party, I’ve found success in just eyeballing it in the cup and taste-testing until I find the right proportions. Brownie points if you actually order this at the bar while attending Paris Hilton’s actual birthday party! And make sure to snap a pic of you with Paris on a flip camera phone. It’s the autograph of the 21st Century.

Art by Molly


About Gabrielle Costa

I'm just a girl, standing in front of the TV, asking it to love her. I'm also always on the internet, usually here: @gabriellemcosta.


  1. hannahbellamy

    Perfect reference to the OC.

  2. Yum this is totally the drink for me


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