Workin On My Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms + Vanilla Cream Muscle Milk + Reusable Red Solo Cup

I know y’all are dying to know, so how does this  stack up against the competition?

Flavor: 5/10

The artificial sweetness of the lucky charms combined with the sweetness and artificial milkness of the muscle milk was pretty nasty. I have a major sweet tooth and even I couldn’t finish this. It tastes like straight up melted ice-cream. So I just swig some beer and WERK like a champ. It also helps to have your best friend around for moral support while eating this.

Crunch: 6.8/10

Not too shabby of a li’l crunch goin on here. But I dislike how the “marshmallows” begin too crunchy and then turn gooey… peculiar.

Branding: 10/10

Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows, and a red balloon! (Aka, good-ass branding).

Fun: 10/10

Did you just see that commercial? Lucky the leprechaun is a baller. Did y’all see me munchin and crunchin on them in the vid? I’m also a baller.

Overall Satisfaction: 8/10

Nothing left to say but yummmmmmmmm.


About Kellie Hogan

co-founder and creative director of inconnu magazine


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