On Fatherhood and Art Appreciation

stefan feat art

Art is important and it covers the walls of our house. We are obsessed with Salvador Dali and have 6 pieces throughout the house. If you pick our daughter up she points to the art and wants to be carried closer and I think to myself, “YES an art lover!”.

She also has a few choice words she can say. “Da” means dog. “Da” also sometimes means duck. I’m sure it sounds different in her head. “Bot” means bottle. “Bath” is more recent and also a real word, which is nice.

Over my chair, instead of historically significant art, I have a Batman logo retrospective. Not as highbrow as Dali, but still a visual feast. Something about it really attracts my daughter’s attention and she points to it, squirming to get closer.

It is known that Salvador Dali is a mouthful to say and no one year old will be able to get it out. But I’ll be damned if my daughter doesn’t stand on my lap, point at the poster above my chair, and say “BAT!” over and over again.

“Bat, bat, bat, bat”


by Stefan Hayden – Certified Cool Dad and Guest Writer – stefanhayden.com


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  1. i demand adorbs baby pics.


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