Top 5 Dad-tractive Men

Please understand, this is not a list of Older Men Who Gabrielle Finds Attractive. (That is a much longer list with broader criteria.) This is a list of men who are attractive in the way that only a father can be. Confused? Let me explain one by one.

1. Ben Affleck: The Diaper-Bag Carrying Dad


Ben Affleck is the cutest father I know (of). This picture is proof.

Ben Affleck looks like the sort of dad who likes to take his kids out for ice cream. He takes his kids camping and lets them “wash the car” even though it’s really just an excuse to play with the hose, and he’s going to take it to the car wash afterwards anyway. The amount of times he’s been photographed carrying one of his kids is too much for me to bear sometimes. Basically, he is the #1 most dad-tractive man in my book and if you don’t agree, I think you’re nuts.

2. Neil Patrick Harris: The Stay-At-Home Dad


Now let’s see you two do the big move from Dirty Dancing!

I’m not really sure why, but I have this idea in my head that Neil Patrick Harris just sits around his sunny California mansion playing peek-a-boo with his twins, only stopping to make them cute little sandwiches in the shape of dinosaurs for lunch. Obviously this is not a real thing because he is an actor with a steady job, and he probably works long TV hours and travels a lot, but my imagination refuses to listen to your logic. Please excuse me while I continue to envision Neil Patrick Harris energetically telling his children elaborate stories, for which he obviously also provides the showtune-inspired soundtrack.

3. Hugh Jackman: The Surprise Dad


Hugh Jackman: 1 part father, 1 part Wolverine, 1 part climbing-wall for small humans.

Most people know Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, so it can be pretty hard for them to imagine him with children. But then suddenly you see him with his kids, or riding a fucking razor scooter around New York City, and you just stop and realize, “Oh my god, he’s such a dorky dad!” and then you fall a little bit (or a lot) in love.

4. Patrick Dempsey: The Briefcase Dad


I never thought I wanted a picture of Patrick Dempsey in glasses but I’m really glad I have one.

Patrick Dempsey is the sort of dad that wears a lot of button down shirts tucked into jeans on the weekend, but he makes them look really good. He probably has a Bluetooth, but he’s really polite about knowing when to take it out of his ear. Sometimes he’s late for dinner, or tells boring stories about the office, but he makes up for it by making reading the paper look sexy.

5. John Krasinski: The Not-Actually-A-Father Dad


Look at that pull-over! He is so ready to be a dad.

The only one on this list with no actual children – John Krasinski – just looks like he’d be the perfect father. He’s dad-tractive, because if there aren’t pictures of him playing with small children in the near future, the world will probably fall apart. He’d totally be the dad who coaches Little League and tells everyone winning doesn’t matter, but he’d also be the goofball who scares his kids’ friends on Halloween by jumping out from behind cheap decorations he put up.


About Gabrielle Costa

I'm just a girl, standing in front of the TV, asking it to love her. I'm also always on the internet, usually here: @gabriellemcosta.


  1. the old photos of heath ledger with his sweet daughter always make me so sad!

  2. Meaghan Murphy

    Yes Gabby. This list is golden.


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