How To Have the Best Summer EVER

best summer ever

1. First, listen to this album by The All About on repeat because it encapsulates summery-suburban-slurpees-and-swimming-pool feelings. Especially tracks “Summer Sheets”, “Heat Wave” and “Lyla Garrity”. Dance party.

2. Read your horoscope daily from multiple sources but only pay attention to the positive things. Ain’t nobody got time for sketchy vibes. This, along with spilling coffee on myself is a part of my summer morning ritual. You know what you do have time for? Slurpees. Get one of those. If you’re an Aquarius like me, congratulations! It’s your lucky year, and get ready for a summer of luv.

3. Make those necessary strides. Be not afraid my children, life rewards the bold! Dig up an old project or make the big move to a new city. Shake off the cobwebs and face those decisions that maybe don’t make the most sense but that make you happy. I spent weeks trying to rationalize why I’m living in NYC this summer, but the only real answer I keep coming up with is that this is what makes me happiest and I’m lucky enough to be able to pull it off. Bold decisions often lead to opportunity, even though as the cashier at CVS said to me a few days ago “Too bad you can’t pay the rent with opportunity”. Hey, we all get a few summers worth of HBO Girls like feels.

4. Buy a disproportionate number of your meals from a bodega/7-11 type stores. So many options, so many possible lunch combinations. Goldfish and cookie dough? Potato chips and quinoa? Yes. And Slurpees. I’m telling you, the secret is always Slurpees.

5. Create-your-own-adventure. Find the perfect taco your city has ever produced. Make a pillow fort and fill it with balloons. Go to the zoo! Make it your mission to take a selfie in every Duane Reade in Manhattan. Posing in a different aisle and with a different product each time. Make a blog out of it.

6. Waste time in the most productive way possible. Have that one friend who when you hang out you always seem to come up with the best ideas? Go on long walks and talk those ideas out! That concept album about zombies versus robots? The world needs to hear it! How do you think inconnu came about, anyway? Kellie and I took many a long drive through suburbia pretending to be Vickie and Lelaina from Reality Bites while discussing this little idea for a magazine we had.

7. Find someone’s face that you enjoy and kiss it. Kissing people is free! And you both get practice. It could be anyone, really: your friend, that guy/girl at the coffee shop, your mailman, that person you’ve been wanting to kiss but haven’t gotten the guts to yet. CARPE DIEM IS FISH OF THE DAY. Then maybe they’ll like kissing you too and you can be partners in crime. Dance like dorks at $5.00 concerts, sit in the park and see how many people look freakishly similar to their dogs.

8.  COME TO THE INCONNU BAT MITZVAH PARTY. Seriously, we want you there.

Art by Laura C.


About Joanna Harkins

co-founder and editor-at-large of inconnu

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  1. A song named “Lyla Garrity”? SOLD.


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