Workin’ On My Fitness
















I hate running. It is such an egregiously volatile act for my body to commit. The convulsing, sweating, hulk I become throwing myself down Commonwealth Avenue is an image so horrific I’ve seen mothers shield their children’s eyes. I do however see its infinite worth for my life. Not to be outdone by my own mind, I’ve vowed to start running this summer. Writing this article might be holding that vow back a little longer while still making me feel like I accomplished something, but I swear I’ll start. Later.

I need motivation, something to smooth out the edges of the whole experience. I love listening to music, and I can do that anywhere or anytime. I can be driving, biking…


That would make me feel a lot better about beating my own body into submission. I’ve been brainstorming what I could listen to, what could make me feel so good that running wasn’t a chore anymore.

I think full albums are the way to go. Any album is pretty close to a perfect length, it can tell a story, while also exploring sonic possibilities throughout- overall though, it’d be distracting from the grueling task I’m undertaking. It could even be fun to haul through town to a blasting King Crimson album or something.

For a heavy, quick, body-shattering bolt through the city, I think Minor Threat’s self-titled would do me just fine. An exploratory experience would be U.K.’s self-titled though, as it jumps through tonalities, genres, and eras. Daft Punk’s RAM would keep me moving along, half-dancing the whole way.

I’ve named these albums because they’ll get me out of bed and out the door. If you find you have little to no motivation, this might work for you too! Don’t just throw a playlist together of the loudest songs you have, engage all your senses and enjoy it out there. The summer sky is so beautiful, running around and jamming out doesn’t sound so bad.



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