Confessions of a Candle Hoarder


In a nutshell I like to burn things, like, I really like to burn things. Maybe I’m a pyromaniac , maybe I’m not, but I’ve always had a thing for fire. Not only do I like the look of the flame but I’ve always had a soft spot for the smell of smoke. I think this key sense, smell, is what truly attracts me to candles and incense. Being able to burn something and have the smoke smell good, what more could I want? I’ve been collecting – *cough* hoarding – incense for a while. I was first introduced to them by my mother and quickly grew very fond of them. I like the way they smoke away, falling off, piece by piece. The same way I enjoy watching a candle melt, dripping away while releasing a fragrant scent.


 When I go shopping for more incense and look at the wall in the store where they are so beautifully displayed, I feel like a kid in a candy store – there are too many scents to choose from. Such variety would make anyone excited. And they’re not only for decorative use, candles and incense can be very practical. In extreme conditions, candles can even be a way to cook food. Incense can be used as air freshener, to ward off evil spirits, and as a substitute for a candle. With all these uses, why would I not stock up? You never know what could happen. For many, including myself, burning candles and/or incense is relaxing and somewhat fun. In the words of Chris Traeger, “Fire is Cleansing”. But as always, safety first.




About Judith Jones

I'm a full time student and part time artist. Cat lady. Feminist but more of a Womanist. Political Science major. Dabbles in DIY projects. I hang out at


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