Makeup For the Busy, Lazy, or Inexperienced


Alright, guys. Let’s talk makeup, and I’m looking at those of you who either

1. Almost never ever wear makeup because usually you don’t like it.

2. Never had anyone show you “how to”, nor cared to teach yourself. (Totally cool, I get that. It’s unnecessary at the end of the day, anyway.)

3. Don’t have the time, want to take the time, or are constantly finding yourself late and completely out of time.

This little article is NOT telling you that you need to wear makeup, or that you should. No way. In fact, more power to you ladies that don’t give a flying you-know-what about makeup, because you’re totally confident in the way you look already. You guys ROCK.

However, this article IS going to show those of you that fit the aforementioned categories that it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, and nice, tasteful, complimentary makeup is incredibly easy. You might also get some good awkward pictures out of it, and who doesn’t love awkward photos, especially since you’re already an awkward angel regarding makeup.

Before I break down this little regimen, I want you to keep this in mind: less is more, less is more, LESS IS MORE. A lot of you may know that already, but seriously, I see too many girls with raccoon eyes, orange foundations that don’t match their skin, or so much blush it looks like they have heat stroke. We’re keeping it clean, we’re keeping it easy, we’re keeping it light, and on that note, let’s get started.

Step 1 — Moisturize with SPF Lotion


Can’t stress this enough, even on those days you don’t feel like fiddling with makeup, moisturizing keeps your skin healthy, even, and you need that SPF to protect from the sun’s harmful rays, even on cloudy days. Want less wrinkles in your old age? SPF ‘erry day. It also makes it a million times easier to blend any liquid foundation you use into your skin for all-over even appearance. Really smear it around, on your lips, eyes, down your neck.


Step 2 — BB Cream or a Mineral Powder Foundation


The commercials are right–BB Cream is awesome, especially for you guys that want to get this over with as quickly as possible. A milion awesome things in one, BB Cream is perfect for keeping your skin healthy while covering up some blemishes and maybe some uneven skin tones. If you go with the cream, though, BLEND IT IN. All the way down your neck, guys. It’s one more second to add on, but you don’t want to be those girls whose skin color suddenly changes at their jawline. If you go with the powder, just lightly distribute it all over with your brush, ideally in circular motions, which reduces the appearance of pores. Bare Minerals is my choice, and while expensive, it’s amazing and incredibly healthy for your skin. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Step 3 — Eyebrows


I am a HUGE believer in the idea that eyebrows can make or break a face. For those of you guys who have naturally thick, wide eyebrows, don’t worry about this step. You’re golden. If yours are a little lighter in color or thickness than you’d like, use a mascara (WIPE EXCESS MASCARA OFF THE BRUSH BEFORE) with plastic comb bristles to add some dimension to your eyebrows–this looks much more natural than drawing them on with eyeliner.


If that weirds you out, get an angled brush, rub it on your pencil eyeliner of your choice, and lightly brush it over your already existing eyebrows. Also, make sure the color you choose isn’t wildly different from your complexion or hair. If you have blonde eyebrows, don’t use a black eyeliner or mascara. You’ll look really silly.

Step 4 — Mascara


Pretty simple, guys. Pick your mascara of choice (I personally love Buxom Lash by Bare Escentuals®), and comb it through your lashes. Do an extra coat if you’re going for big ol’ fans, or just a quick once-over if you want to keep it natural.


That’s it! You’re done! Ta-daaaaa!


Looks pretty good, right? Very natural, and we only had to do four steps! YOU’RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL!

“But Alexandra,” you say, “what about a night where I’m supposed to get dressed up and look fancy? Do I have to do a bunch of other things to get a more gussied-up look? HELP ME, GURU DIVINE, I NEED YOU!”


To which I say “No way, José! And please calm down, you’re a little scary right now. You can achieve this with just one more step–lipstick.”


Yep, that’s it. Lipstick. Any color your heart desires. A bold red, a soft pink, a deep brown, whatever. It can be the difference between a night at McDonalds and a night at The White House (however, I like to wear lipstick just for fun, and I encourage you to try it out as a regular thing). I here have a deep wine plum color.


See what a huge difference it makes? All of a sudden, you’re Vogue worthy.


(Hah! You thought I meant the magazine! Just like a virgin…)

And that’s it! You’re done! Try this out and get comfortable with the basics. If you ever feel like going a little wild and trying new styles, new products, BREAK FREE, I TELL YOU! LIVE LIFE ON THE WILD SIDE! But I hope this helps those of you who wanted it. Makeup doesn’t have to be scary, or an elaborate procedure. And what’s our motto, one last time?


Keep that in mind, guys, and you’ll be gorgeous no matter what. Happy smearing!

– Alexandra

Illustration by Laura C.

About Alexandra Dent

I am a third year student at VCU, but technically a first year Mass Communications student. I would like to concentrate in Creative Advertising, and it is my ambition to write inspirational and honest advertisements that burst with color and originality.


  1. You. Are. HILARIOUS. Keep blogging!!! I freaking love it. :} You have a new follower.

  2. Must Have Boxes

    Fab photos and great makeup tips!

    – KW

  3. it is the most hilarious, down to earth, engaging, and empowering post ever. high five! let me try and break the circle by smearing some lipstick on a ‘glamorous night out’. other than that, its exactly why the article exist cos i don’t even bother giving time to BB cream


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