Never Nude

Customize a pair of denim cutoffs with some pretty lace detailing, and then just like Tobias Fünke, you’ll never want to be without them!


What you will need:


  • pair of shorts
  • scissors
  • lace
  • sewing pins
  • marker or chalk
  • needle and thread or fabric tape

Step One:


  • measure out your lace to length of your back pocket and cut accordingly
  • sew or use your fabric tape to attach your lace (whichever one is easier)

Step Two:


  • pin down the side to keep the fabric in place
  • using a marker or chalk outline the shape you will cut out

Step Three:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.09.34 AM

  • make a design or pattern of your pleasing out your lace that will cover the gap
  • attach to your shorts
  • repeat on the opposite side or leave it asymmetrical

Ta da! The perfect shorts for your summer adventures!



I know you see tons of great DIYs online, and that you never make any of them. So it’s time to finally try one this summer!  This is quick and easy way to boost your style, so try it, and then tag us in your photos so we can see how they turned out!


About Judith Jones

I'm a full time student and part time artist. Cat lady. Feminist but more of a Womanist. Political Science major. Dabbles in DIY projects. I hang out at

One comment

  1. Whoa, these are super cute! They look great and are a super easy project =D


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