Meaghan Went to Pitchfork

You know those people who live off of making mixtapes for random acquaintances, who use words like discography and EP in casual party conversation? Who like own cassette players and DIY-repaired an old banjo they bought at a garage sale? And it’s not pretension, they’re just really good at listening to and loving music.

Well I’m not one of them. But this summer I’ve crossed over to the realm of public radio and music journalism. And it’s been a wild ride.

I attended Pitchfork Music Festival this past weekend and man, do I have some thoughts. Check back tomorrow to read my full festival review, but in the meantime here’s a playlist drawn from my favorite sets. It’s pretty heavy on the post-punk, riot grrl, neo-soul, hip hop fronts. So that’s something I have never expected of myself. It’s also heavy on the badass lady/grrl musician front. Well, at least that’s stayed the same. Enjoy.


About Meaghan Murphy

lives, studies, makes radio in Chicago. writes about it too.

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