September Issues Round-Up


I absolutely LOVE i-D. It’s my personal bible for fashion and art. They definitely made Selena Gomez, who usually looks quite glamorous and polished, look super cool and effortless. Their pre-fall issue is The Street Issue, which is a pretty clever and unique theme, as usual. Judging by the cover, I will definitely be buying this issue, and based on my girl-crush on Selena, I will definitely make sure to find her cover, since their are also covers with Catherine McNeil, Jourdan Dunn, Ondria Hardin, Blondey McCoy, and Sky Ferreira.


OH MY GOODNESS, Lady O. I couldn’t help but laugh when I first saw this cover in all it’s hairy glory. If anyone can do it, Oprah can. My Mom always buys Oprah magazine, and whenever I read it in the bathroom, I am pleasantly surprised by how great it is.


American Vogue is less cool than it used to be, but like everybody else, I love Jennifer Lawrence, and this was definitely a long overdue cover for her. I will probably just gush over her Vogue photos on Tumblr, and skip actually buying the issue.


Can we talk about how perfect Katy Perry is? Both in general, and on the cover of Elle UK this month? Ok there’s actually not much to say. But she’s pretty to look at, and a powerful female with a new album coming out. But I personally hate the design of Elle, and would never buy it for that reason.


Lastly, *drumroll* the best cover of September 2013 belongs to queen Scarlett, on Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Those cheekbones and that Dolce and Gabbana. Lord. Have. Mercy. And the black background is so beautiful and dramatic; it looks amazing.  I will be devouring the stores trying to find this one.


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