Current Issue

03 The Future

The Cover - Future Issue

100 pages, perfect bound, glossy, full color print — perfect for making collages, hoarding, smelling, dog-earing, or falling asleep with it open on your face.

What’s Inside:

Interviews with tomorrow’s comedy giants, like Molly McAleer, Grace Helbig, Morgan Murphy, and Emotistyle; features on musicians like Sam Phillips; weird and wonderful insights into the minds of Charli XCX, Alie and Georgia, and Gavin McInnes; and words of wisdom from the likes of Matt Enlow, Ann Friedman, Gaby Dunn, Mickey Boardman, and Myles McNutt.

Creative and cool photographs and art by Rafiki, Laurence Philomene, Lindsay Gray, Pamela Loredo, Nooran Matties, Nicolas Bloise, and Ilenia Madelaire.

Cover: Molls by Nicolas Bloise.


Digital Issue (pdf)

Print Issue (available NOW!)


  1. Hey,
    Just wondering where we can order the Future issue now that the kickstarter project had ended. Would love to buy a copy.
    Thank you,
    Lindsay Gray

    • Lindsay – our bigcartel page ( has all the issues – you can currently purchase the digital issue of ‘The Future’, and we are just waiting on the Print version. x Kellie


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